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A Message To Our Guests,


First off, I hope you are doing well.  If you are struggling with anything at all, now is the time to seek the help you need. Organizations, Vigils, Therapy, Meetings; it is all happening and available to help you through this. There is a strong sense of community building out there. There are a lot of hugs going around. There are many fundraising as well, and you can see the neighboring towns are all helping too.  What a buzz, somber and aware, and every group of people is a group of people all thinking about the same thing. As people speak, I see a community bonding, getting stronger, grieving, and healing. And while the healing may be still a ways out, the reopening of downtown is a great visualization of healing. We will have memorials up for a while. We will have constant reminders, and Michael's will be the place people will talk to each other about it.  We are going to be in this for a while, and never forget. We are going to be the place of healing. Comfort Food and Familiar Faces, that is what we are now serving. Let's spend time with each other, taking time to hear their stories, and share yours. This is a time and place to lead in the healing process, and to do that, we must share in the moment that we are healing as well. We were broken, so we are not healed. We are healing. There is no finish line, only to feel better today than I did yesterday. And I think we can make sure that everyone who sees us has a good today. I look forward to bringing Community back to Michael's and Downtown Highland Park, with you.

Ryan Gamperl and Your dedicated team at

Michael’s Grill & Salad Bar